Medical Billing & Claims Processing Services

Using our expertise in multiple medical office billing platforms, Medical Claims Processors Inc organizes claims at light-speed, communicating with insurance providers across the nation and processing payments faster. The software catches and addresses errors that arise at any point in the process, organizes detailed reports, and gives you feedback and payment faster. The system is HIPAA-compliant at every step, protecting your office and your patients’ privacy and confidentiality.

We offer free reports with no hidden expenses. After a setup fee, we will collect a small percentage of what is billed out of your practice. With our billing knowledge experience and expertise, your practice will realize increased revenue, consistent cash flow, and improved profitability, with our billing knowledge experience and expertise.

We can offer coding and credentialing and follow up on denied claims. Is your practice missing out on savings? We’ll look at all of your office expenses including taxes, unemployment, health insurance, and more.

Relieve yourself of the paperwork and stress by leaving it to us.

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